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Melody Zimmerman

Former lobbyist | Mom | Entrepreneur

Helping regular people
manifest the life they
want and deserve.

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Pink Sugar
I was applying for a new job in 2019 and Melody was a huge help in editing my cover letter and resume. She also offered really valuable advice for interviewing and made the process feel a lot smoother. It was a major confidence boost having her on my side and I got the job!

Etta, Pennsylvania

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This free 30 minute call will give you the opportunity to discuss your personal and professional goals and see if we could work together on manifesting a better you!

Some online coaches charge you an arm and leg to get services. Many will charge you hundreds and thousands to talk with you 1:1 just once a month.

I think we can agree that's too much for the average person.

You shouldn't go broke trying to better yourself.

I want to help you at a price you
can afford.

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For $100/mo
you get the following:

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Hey there! I'm Melody

I am a wife, mom to a toddler, and recovering workholic.


Today, I align my life with my values, and prioritize balance and peace in my personal and professional life! I am here to help YOU learn the tools and techniques to do the same!


Let's work together to discover a new happy normal!

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